Our long-standing relationships with the world’s leading IT vendors, gained over years of successful project delivery, we can get infrastructure globally

Working with the world’s leading IT vendors we source and procure assets ensuring maximum business value by negotiating the best deals


Knowledge is key to deliver a successful WAN solution.
Our consultants will work with you and your IT team to better understand your critical applications and their environments. This will also allow us, the opportunity to collect relevant configuration, IP addressing information for your network and connectivity, enabling us to gain a more comprehensive picture of your requirements.

Our fact-finding mission will enable us to obtain a perspective, factoring in complexities and further allowing us to work towards minimal risk.

The findings of our consultants will then allow us to provide a low level technical and configuration documentation, allowing the build of a migration plan, capturing, risk mitigation work and additional requirements prior to delivery.
Once we have finalised all requirements then we will progress to the next stage of delivery.
Our delivery professionals will then work to completing the project and aim for a seamless delivery.


LAN delivery requires a number of physical infrastructure components to be in place including the below as a starting point:

These components are some of the important parts which are key for a future proofed system.
Our consultants can work with you to pull out the relevant information and create an action plan of delivery incorporating customer specific requirements.


We have the expertise to perform WiFi Surveys
We provide WiFi surveys for customers who are looking for new professionally designed WiFi networks indoors or outdoors
Surveys provide the detailed information required to design a reliable network.
Coverage: WiFi coverage is critical to ensure all you users and devices remain connected to the network
Capacity: Designing for capacity is essential for any WiFi network
Interference: Interference such as microwaves, PIR sensors, Bluetooth and legacy wireless devices can have a serious impact on your WiFi network
The following are critical considerations for a WiFi survey.

WiFi Site Surveys


Easily visualise the coverage of your network.
Our Survey experts use Ekahau to produce WiFi coverage heatmaps. This allows a clear way to show the designed coverage.

WiFi Project Lifecycle

A successful WiFi deployment starts with a detailed plan phase
This phase begins with gathering initial specifications:

  • WiFi coverage
  • Number of clients
  • Types of devices
  • Defining critical business applications
  • Application capacity
  • Access Point redundancy
  • WiFi Roaming
  • Network cabling


Designing the correct WiFi for today’s mobile workforce is paramount
key elements taken into consideration:

  •  Applications
  • Coverage
  • Capacity
  • Security

Providing a quality WiFi survey report that can be implemented to deploy an effective wireless network

Having experienced engineers is the key to successfully implementing an integrated WiFi network.

  • Experts in installation
  • Health and safety
  • Tools


Harnessing the power and flexibility of the cloud to give your business the edge.
With business savings due to lower set-up costs than on-premise equivalents, the cloud offers increased speed, flexibility, security and resilience.
Sevenskys Consultancy can help you deliver cloud services into your environment, what ever you are looking for: